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Unless a flight is under-booked, I never seem to get a good seat for watching a communal in-flight movie. One TV set is always too near, and other too far away, transforming each movie into 90-minutes of sheer frustrated ambivalence.

Fortunately, amongst Jonathan Creek and Poirot: Death On The Nile was another film that I was mildly interested in seeing - Starsky & Hutch. (you can tell I was keen)

I had been expecting something quite condescending towards the original 70s TV series, but was pleased to discover that the movie actually played things quite straight. There were elements of the original in here, such as the drug-overdose one of them suffers, but the most encouraging thing was that it actually appeared to be a prequel to the original, chronicling the two lead characters' first meeting. (I hate reboots)

There's also a very odd scene at the end, which seemed to have the original two actors cameoing, but it's just not clear what's going on from the dialogue, and as mentioned above, the airline's distant TV set wasn't giving me too many clues either.

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