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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

(I wish they'd called this Extermination)

It's the mad Doctor's game from MB, but with a Dalek.

And that pretty well is it. After all, when you've been selling a successful game for all the family for 40-odd years, why go and change it? (unless of course you have brain freeze)

With the 'Doctor' cards already a part of the established game, certainly noone got writer's cramp over this adaptation. If they had then the removal of the eyestalk might result in the Dalek exclaiming an even more appropriate phrase than 'EXTERMINATE!'

All good fun, and just as high a call on my dexterity as the original.

In fact, the toughest moment tonight would have to be simply trying to follow the instructions to get started:

"The player who has seen the most Doctor Who episodes goes first."

I mean what counts as watching an episode? Is that just the revived series, or the original as well? If I watch From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love a hundred times, does that count as a hundred episodes? Does that time my mum remembers watching Mission To The Unknown on its only worldwide broadcast score more or fewer points than my watching two different reconstructions of it? What about that silent standard 8 version that Alistair and I made while at school? And surely we can't seriously be counting Love & Monsters???

The most incredible thing is that the very next sentence reads:

"If you can't decide, then the youngest player goes first."

What the…?!! But the youngest player is going to have seen the fewest episodes!!! Oh, like there aren't going to be any arguments over this on Christmas Day…

Shoot me, shoot me now. Oh, you're trying to.

(available, if your plunger is steady enough, here)

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