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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

The sun was so nice this afternoon, that my mum and I went out to the garden to play our game of Scrabble.

As often happens indoors, Erik (the cat) approached us and jumped up onto the board. So I tried to take a picture of him on my phone, but the sun was blazing so brightly that, no matter how hard I squinted at my screen, I couldn't really make out what image I was capturing. I was pretty well blinded. So I just hit the shutter button a few times anyway in the hopes of it grabbing a good image of Erik hilariously messing up the board.

Then we stayed outside, and completed our game.

A few hours later, back in the shady indoors, I got out my phone to take a look at what I had snapped through the dazzle, only to discover…

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