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MacDuff: "Suspicious? You don't think he had anything to do with it do you?"
Gently: "People who are guilty of murder tend to be better at hiding their guilt."
MacDuff: "Well he did something."
Gently: "The question is not so much what he did, but how it relates to everything else."

Now THIS is more what I'm up for!

Right from the opening scene this is scripted well, snappily written, and full of imagination.

Back at their old college of St Cedd's, Dirk and Richard become embroiled in artifical intelligence, mind-reading, and an eerie life-size robot of a human being. Despite the series' surprising early abandonment of its interconnectednessisms, this one at least firmly embraces its Doctor Who roots, right down to our heroes' early implication in a murder. (these are being made by ITV Studios remember - a murder is not optional)

The mystery's solution is obvious enough that even I could see it coming earlier than I should have, but the pay-off was an hour that belonged in a much longer-running series.

Unfortunately there's only one episode left. Well, maybe that one will prove the BBC right.

(available here)

Review of episode one here.
Review of episode two here.
Review of episode four here.


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