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Poor old Shrek.

In his first movie he got married to a woman who he'd only just met. In the second this went really badly. In the third, he had kids which he obviously didn't relish either. Now in this fourth one it's really no wonder that he's losing his cool big time.

The reason why it's no wonder is because this is what every Shrek movie revolves around.

Still, you have to admire how Shrek Forever After deals with these snowballing sequel deadweights - it has Rumplestiltskin change history so that Shrek can get back to his good ol' movie one self again! As a result this film is much more in line with what the original outing promised us of him. Even Fiona gets to be a fighter again!

And the gags? Well I always find myself quoting them in these things…

Puss: "We must do something before they fandango themselves into oblivion!"

Donkey: "How do you know my name anyway?"

Oh. Just the two great quotes this time then. Well, that's good too.

This is the bit where I log that I was watching the BBC1 premiere of this movie on Christmas Day, which featured the above ident beforehand, followed by, heh-heh, the US print containing Larry King as Doris instead of Jonathan Ross! *sigh* The BBC…

Really good for a third sequel. Shame the whole series didn't take place in this altered timeline.

And with that, it's ogre.

Nah, he'll be back.

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