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It's episode 8, and I think we’ve just had our first episode that is actually worth watching.

It's not a classic by any means. While he is supposed to be 'asleep', a mute K9 is seen publicly attacking regular enemy Drake. (who by this episode appears to be world president or something) When later charged to explain his actions, K9's memory of that period is… hey, is there really any point in my continuing? I mean you already know everything, yes everything that's going to unfold in this episode don't you? Well, no you don't, it's even more obvious than that.

The only people dimwitted enough not to catch on are of course the regular cast, who somehow make it through almost the entire programme before working it out.

But what does make this worth watching are that by this point these guys have developed some characterisation. (apart from Drake) Gryffen particularly is starting to demonstrate the wisdom of his years, but without talking down to anyone.

There is a line in here when one character refers back to an earlier incident when K9 was losing his temper. I don't remember that. I really hope that's my own memory-banks missing some data, and not a case of the DVD presenting these in the wrong order.

Towards the end I was hoping that this was going to become a two-parter, but alas no.

The direction that this series is going in though, I can't help supposing that deeper storylines are not that far away.

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