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Something of a Halloween episode this.

The gang are holed up in Gryffen's house on the night of an enormous storm, when the power goes out. Cue lots of jitters, apparent ghosts and people getting scared.

Well, this is K9. This lot aren't big on emotions, which frankly is a relief. The only one who gets any challenging acting to do is Gryffen himself, who dizzily encounters his wife and children coming back from the dead.

Well, of course they're not actually his wife and children - they're just too malevolent. Oh, and they're all zombies.

Try reminding K9 of this. He repeatedly tries to laser blast them, which of course goes straight through, presumably rather damaging Gryffen's already strange-looking house.

K9 is knocked out and has to overcome a power loss to save his friends again, and everything gets wrapped up pretty quickly. There was some vague explanation for these ecto-plasmic simulations being merely echoes of Gryffen's family, but this lot just aren't that interested. I'd blame this on the 25-minute format, but The Sarah Jane Adventures enjoyed twice that, and often featured even less explanation.

And then at the end, when everyone's having a good old chuckle… did I see right? Was K9… actually… joining in???

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