Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

A CD of 40 short Christian devotionals read by a selection of young Kiwis in Auckland and Welly.

Devotionals? Perhaps more specifically encouragements. There aren't many questions here, but there are plenty of reminders about the character of God.

I have to admit I found the tension between authenticity and packaging something of a challenge. On the one hand these are thankfully read by real people rather than actors. On the other, they are almost all read in the same way, right down to the grammar, pauses and choice of phrases. The atmosphere behind often doesn't seem to match the location of the speaker either. If anything, one single voice came through for me here, rather than several.

So are these stories genuine? Presumably for whoever wrote them.

Still, production aside, as I say all these pieces are encouraging, and for that alone this is a nice uplifting collection.

(with thanks to Shane)


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