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When it comes to toddlers, I sometimes wonder why we even bother making new TV programmes.

After all, they are the one demographic who come to the TV with no expectations to pander to. Show them the latest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! followed by 1955's The Woodentops, and they will have no way of discerning that one is 60 years older than the other. They'll have to judge them each on their merits.

So in this current age of austerity, just why do cash-strapped TV executives keep on bothering?

Channel 5's daily kids' programming is entitled Milkshake! This presents predominantly animated series, sometimes with sign language.

The jewel in the strand's crown is the similarly-titled The Milkshake Show.

To all intents and purposes, this is a remake of everything studio-bound from the 1970s. The individual segments are as generic as they come - puppets, jokes, a magic trick, an animation, a quiz sketch, a location report and a section featuring children shot at a school.

There are however two elements that give it an edge.

The first is the team of presenters, who much of the time actually appear to enjoy being there. I'd swear that in the Sense-Sational Quiz segment, contestants Beth and Kemi genuinely don't know the answers.

The second reason is the one why I bought this CD - the songs.

Seriously - many of them are fantastically life-affirming.

"Don't you give up,
Don't you give up,
No no,
Take a little help,
From those who care,
And just keep going,
You're nearly there…
Yes! We knew you could do it.
The smile on your face says you're glad you stuck to it,
Yes! We knew you could do it.
You faced the challenge and won…
Well done!"

Tracks like the above Yes! We Knew You Could Do It, You've Got To Dance, Party Fun In The Sun and Look At Me are songs for life, not to mention all the fun silly ones that are on here.

The tone throughout these is one of upbeat dance music, which is appropriate for a show with such an upfront agenda to also teach dance moves. You could easily use this as a workout CD. The moves to the Breaky Bop came straight back to me from the programme, even if all the lyrics weren't here. (ironically it's also a cut down of the extended mix from season 2)

Gutted that there wasn't also time for S.M.I.L.E. on here, more so because the running time has been filled out by other TV themes from the channel.

These are much more of a mixed bag. Fifi is so mesmerising that it might as well go on forever - the overall impression ought to be similar, in a good way. On the other hand, Rupert Bear could drive you to hang yourself.

I admit it - before listening to this I got myself an actual milkshake from the fridge to enjoy while listening to it. Then inside the CD's booklet, amongst colouring games etc., I found instructions from Naomi on how to make a milkshake, using only milk and bananas!

Maybe for breaky.

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