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Another new alien materialises from the professor's space-time rift. This one kidnaps the professor, and once again it's up to rest of the gang to rescue him, as slowly as possible. Easy now everyone. Remember - if we catch the alien in a situation which we've already established is a moment of weakness for it, then the last thing we want to do is go charging in taking any advantage of it.

K9, you make sure you drain the last of your power reserves saving us again.

I have to admit, in episodes one and two I have been completely convinced by K9's presence in all of his scenes. That's a flying metal dog there! In this next episode though I'm afraid the illusion was shattered for me early on.

The pulling of CGI focus in this shot is careful, but just how far in front of or behind Starkey is he supposed to be there?

Medowin appears to know when his transmission is about to be cut off, as he closes his mouth just beforehand.

Medowin: "His only weakness is."

On the plus side, it's episode three and the cast are beginning to figure out who they're playing, and how they relate to each other. Darius particularly is starting to perform.

Given the ongoing storylines, I think this is very promising for the future.

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