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Latest free advertising periodical for Big Finish's range of sci-fi audio stories on CD.

Well, I say sci-fi. One of the big plugs in this issue is for a new range of more down-to-earth productions entitled Drama Showcase. That this is such a big deal highlights the huge success that the team has had with its more Doctor Who-related range over the past decade, not that things are looking very run-of-the-mill with those either, apparently. Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor Adventures for BBC Radio 7 is coming to a close after four seasons, and with it a now long-running companion is leaving.

Oh, and the editorial says that Tom Baker's finally coming on board! Woo-hoo!

Clearly designed to hold onto existing customers rather than hook new ones in, it's encouraging to read of so many people obviously enjoying their work, and customers who apparently feel the same way.

Available to read online here.


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