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Charming cartoon short, made to support Toy Story 3, in 3D.

Well, 3D and 2D. It concerns a couple of characters in silhouette (hence the 2D) whose areas each display the same deep 3D landscape, but one in the daytime, and the other at night.

Well, I guess you gotta see it.

As always, Pixar have brainstormed and polished the whole thing to flawlessness, telling a story in a way that I've just never seen before. If any aspect does fall short of perfection then I guess it would be the inclusion of dialogue from a radio station to explain the tale's moral, but that's really just a matter of taste.

Both characters appear to be male, which in 2011 lends the sense of there being a gay agenda behind it. Perhaps this is also because, for a film portraying two opposite characters discovering their common ground, it seems a surprising oversight that they're not opposite sexes too.

Anyhow, another short classic. Long may Pixar's creativity continue!


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