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A second CD selection from the diverse archives of the BBC Test Card.

While the range of styles here varies from big band to pseudo-Cuban, the majority of these tracks are inspiringly lively and upbeat. Many feature a comical element, such as Frank Valdor's track 21 Hallelujah, Honey, which is a chirpy, yet also slightly drunken, interpretation of the traditional hymn Hallelujah.

That's followed shortly (no pun intended) by track 24 - Walking On The Shore, which has to be the mellowest melody I've ever heard. It's perhaps no surprise that, upon skipping through this CD a week later to write this review (Jan 13th here), I zoned-out at the start of this track and only returned to self-awareness at the end. It's that chilled.

29 - Jeff's Special - is presumably named after composer and orchester Jeff Hasky, and is another sprightly and fast number to approach the end of the disc with.

All in all, another top compilation from Lucy Reeve and Tony Currie of Chandos Records. Though I didn't find each track quite so distinctive as on the first CD, I reckon the consistent jolliness makes this volume the superior one.

Downer that there's no noughts and crosses game to root for on the cover though.

Available to sample and buy here.

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