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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Today is New Zealand's Media Prayer Day.

Hundreds of churches throughout the country are taking a few minutes of their Sunday service to pray for Christianity within New Zealand's mass media. That's television, radio, film, electronic media and print.

Prayer is encouraged for the following groups of people:

1. Christians who work within NZ's mainstream media - television, radio, print, film, advertising, marketing and electronic media (such as website development). Pray for those with profile and those behind the scenes.

2. Christians producing programming specifically for mainstream media.

3. People of influence within NZ's mass media - presenters, writers and editors, directors, producers and media managers.

4. Media gatekeepers - those who make decisions which give voice to a Christian perspective or prevent an authentic Christian voice from being heard.

5. Christian media - those who work within Christian television, radio, film, electronic media and print.



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