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Pac-Man finally has a new dining-room!

Handling is a little stiff, but how much fun is this? Oh well, here goes all my spare time (again) ...

Well, maybe not. Despite smooth graphics, this maze seems to take longer to complete than the classic one, reducing the regularity of winning.

I'm no Pac-aficionado, but I always thought that the original's biggest limitation was its apparent inability to generate a new layout for each level, with even the flashing power pellets remaining steadfastly locked into their positions instead of randomised. (maybe this developed on subsequent screens that I never got onto)

Despite only one viewpoint, no commentary, no vibration, and tragically no option to rewatch each game afterwards, I still give it 8 out of 10 wacca's.

Available here.


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At 11:06 am, Blogger Maurice Mitchell said...

I found it harder to play myself. Since I'm not very proficient at Pac-man I figured it was just me. At least I can say I have a handicap now.

At 12:37 pm, Blogger Steve Goble said...

I found it harder to play too, but then, I might be comparing it to another imitation version anyway.


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