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Have just spent the afternoon at a fundraiser for MIND at All Saints church, helping out on a stall selling a CD of tracks composed by people as a means of working through mental health issues.

Since I've listened to much of it several times this afternoon, I figured it therefore qualified for a review!

The range of styles and emotions expressed are quite broad, from the Jamaican Feeling Free to the ethereal Wanting, but the predominant attitude is one of hope.

"Sometimes you think you're by yourself,
Sometimes you think you're all alone,
Then you speak to another,
And you find that he's your brother,
And you're not alone,
Ohhh no, you're not alone.

(You're not alone)"

Much of this is very upbeat and uplifting, and a couple of tracks, such as Love Is The Answer are Christian as well.

If is a very inclusive track too.

Available to sample / buy here.

Track listing:

1. You're Not Alone - (David Jennings / S. Mortiboys)
2. Scream For Love - (C. Cornibert, A. Fares, A. McGee, N. Slade, C. Pasciullo)
3. Time To Say - (L. Hale)
4. Love Is The Answer - (A. Fares, A. McGee, G. Noel, C. Pasciullo, N. Slade)
5. Dominic's Song - (C. Cornibert, A. Fares, A. Martins, A. McGee, C. Pasciullo, N. Slade)
6. Feeling Free - (G. Noel)
7. Wanting - (L. Delmore, L. Everidge, P. Mathew, A. McGee, J. Palmer, N. Slade, J. Uwalaka, J. Woodward)
8. Section 3 - (A. McGee)
9. Jamming On The Roof - (V. Collopy, M. Fennel, J. Palmer, M.Schlegel, N. Slade, J. Uwalaka, J. Woodward)
10. Misty Moon - (A. McGee, N. Slade, J. Uwalaka, J. Woodward)
11. When A Lake Cries - (C. Best, N. Slade)
12. Breakthrough - (P. Mathew, N. Slade Mood inspired by G. Noel and, C. Pasciullo)
13. If - (L. Delmore, A. Fares, A. Martins, G. Noel, C. Pasciullo, N. Slade, R. Stableford)


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