Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Story: Len Kaminski
Pencils: Alan Kupperberg
Inks: Kupperberg and co.
Letters: Rick Parker
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Editor: Jim Salicrup
Ed. In Chief: Jim Shooter

Although it guest-stars the Lizard, under the surface this seems to be something of a Hulk story.

Dr Curt Connors is still periodically transforming into the green scaly reptile for which he is more famous. He's recently realised that his lizard-form is a manifestation of his own rage, which he is seeking to control. Spider-Man ponders the paradox of not being able to seriously harm the lizard, because there is a real human being inside.

I can hear that lonely piano music now...

At this stage in his journey, Dr Connors is even able to assume the lizard form while retaining his own mind, similar to a recent (now completed) turn of Dr Bruce "Hulk" Banner's. Connors still finds himself struggling to keep all his anger capped though, which is difficult, given that his estranged wife and young son are being threatened with murder by the Owl.

In the final scene, Spider-Man has to decide whether to leap in and try to save the villain from getting mauled by the Lizard, or step back and trust that Dr Connors will be able to keep his fury in check. Spidey knows that it's not just the Owl's life that's riding on this, but also any potential healing of the Connors' marriage. Martha and Billy are also looking on, hoping against hope to witness Curt's higher will succeeding over his lower.

Fortunately for everyone, it does.

The final panels don't paint an easy picture, but a believable and encouraging one. Martha still takes Billy and leaves Curt on his own, but there is now at last the possibility for some reconciliation and forgiveness in the future.


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