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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

"I don't give a hollow sneeze in Hades what the boss is doing! That ice-blooded shyster's seeing me NOW!"
- Lee Camino, Chairman of Sterling Motors

Story: Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Art: Dave Simons
Lettering: Rick Parker
Colors: Marie Severin (good choice of colorist for Headhunter)
Editor: Jim Salicrup
Editor In Chief: Jim Shooter (poor choice of Editor In Chief for Headhunter)

Headhunter hunts heads. If Headhunter hunted a hundred heads an hour, how many heads would Headhunter have hunted? (repeat ten times quickly)

Surprise surprise, this month Headhunter hunts Spider-Man's head.

My natural disinterest in the lopping-off of a person's noggin aside, I have to admire the way in which he goes about this.

Spider-Man is lured into a room. Here he's deafened by feedback. Then his web-shooters are wrecked by naval jelly (phosphoric acid). Then he's blinded by magnesium. Most spider-villains require super-powers of some kind, but not H Edward Hunter. He defeats Spider-Man by going shopping.

I hope he doesn't read the labels too closely though. In the occassionally surreal world of artist Dave Simons, those containers might say just about anything. Just look at what he's sneakily written on the picketers' placards outside the New York courthouse... (I'm assuming it was him)

"IATSE" (The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes)

Was he trying to get a whole poem up there?


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