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Issue #2 of a quarterly series that tied-into the Questprobe range of computer games, each of which featured a different Marvel hero. Issue #1 for example had been about the crowd-pleasing Hulk. I don't know much about the computer games, although they are all available to be played here.

As a regular Spider-Man comic however, this script (and pencils) by Al Milgrom sits nicely in with the events of Peter Parker's life at the time, while the focus is on Spidey anyway. Pages 3-8 invest time in introducing us to several unfamiliar factions across the universe, including a sentient floating gem, being held captive by a similarly floating egg, which will explode if it tries to escape.

Meanwhile back on Earth, SFX whizz Quentin Beck's escape from prison is quite inventive, but the central conceit that Spider-Man finds himself battling two foes who look similar by coincidence is a tough one to swallow.

By the end I was getting interested in the blurry political situation on Durgan's planet, but alas, not enough to download the zip file of the game while later writing this review.

Available here.
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