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Total Recaaall.
Purely because of the lead actor's reputation, it's tempting to assume that this will be just another mindless action flick.

In fact, Total Recall is one of those rare movies that excels on just about every level.

Sure that includes excelling at mindless action-sequences (which are a good thing in themselves), however it also has a complex plot, fine ideas that have been well thought-through and realised, and amazing effects for a time before effects became so passé. (I watched this tonight because I was so impressed by the cinema trailer in 1990) It even pitches Arnold Schwarzenegger against Michael Ironside!

Arnie may be famous for his muscles, but you need a brain to get you through this one.

In short, it's one of those rarest of beasts – a film in which everything impresses.

It's always been a mystery to me how so many movies can have so much money spent on them, and yet cut so many corners in such a cheap but foundational area as the script. Total Recall triumphs at pretty well everything that it sets out to do.

I'm giving this a 9.5 out of ten, and that's only because of the unnecessary sex and swearing.


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At 6:18 pm, Blogger Uncle Jakey said...

Yeah, Total Recall would be a surprise to discerning film viewers ready for your typical Arnie actioneer.

A little background: Total Recall is based on We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, a Philip K Dick short story - much like Blade Runner was - plus the direction was in the able hands of Paul Verhoeven, responsible for other smart sci-fi genre films such as Robocop (1987) and Starship Troopers (1997) as well as a few arthouse productions, e.g. much lauded Dutch film Turkish Delight (1973 - starring compatriot Rutger Hauer) and the more recent festival hit, WWII thriller, Black Book (2006).

So yeah, this was never going to be your run-of-the-mill mindless action flick!

At 11:32 am, Blogger Steve Goble said...

Whew - I was expecting to be ridiculed for thinking there was so much depth in an Arnie-vehicle!


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