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With CERN's (still beleagured) Large Hadron Collider getting turned-on in Switzerland recently, and all the inevitable science-fiction ideas that surrounded it, the team behind Torchwood made a one-off BBC radio episode about it all.

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And, for what it is, they didn't do too bad a job.

It's got the whole cast, the right music, is the same length, and is set after the last televised episode, so for those of us who've been following the show, this is a bit of a bonus.

The story is simple, although a bit convoluted. As in The Sontaran Stratagem, Dr Martha's motivation to call others in to help makes come across as rather weak.

However, being radio, this is a much more verbose Torchwood story, affording a bit more comedy, with less sex and gore. In fact, like Torchwood's scenes in Doctor Who last season, the whole thing is much cleaner too, and a bit more like a fun science-fiction for it.

I should note here that whilst this production follows the last episode of Torchwood, it doesn't make any reference to the last Doctor Who story, and makes much more sense before it.

Apart from some of the acting, this was a distracting enough three-quarters of an hour, and a pleasant testimony that at this point in time, the Doctor Who franchise, whilst arguably quite weak in story-content, is nonetheless doing quite well to get to knock-out a spin-off special like this one.

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