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*contains plot spoilers*

Fun little movie about an ogre falling impossibly in love with a beautiful princess, who then very very fortunately turns out to be an ogre too.

As the above synopsis makes clear, there are really no surprises in this lethargically-plotted fairytale, (the princess forgets she can do karate, the 3-day return journey makes nonsense of both the outgoing one, and Shrek's motivation to spend a week on it) but there are a ton of inspired ideas, great jokes, and fantastic performances. John Lithgow is at his pottiest in this – he makes being completely bonkers sound so incredibly easy.

Really - it's impossible not to enjoy this, unless of course you like your fairy-tales to have a cohesive story too.

(Shrek 2 here)
(Shrek The Third here)
(Shrek The Halls here)
(Shrek Forever After here)

(with thanks to Herschel)

(available here)


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