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Memory is a funny thing. Have I said that before?

Recently a very quiet, and extremely trivial, memory flickered across my brain, of a film I'd sat and watched on The Disney Channel in Howick some while back. It had a boy in it, and a plot concerning his getting knocked off his bike and finding a lot of money. Which he then spent.

The more I thought about it, the more vague and useless details came back to me. He had befriended a portly limo driver, played by someone who I recognised. Said kid was also trying to impress a girl who really didn't deserve it. He was lonely.

Like all Disney productions, I had found myself sucked-in quite early on, and had sat there watching the entire thing start to finish, but what the heck was it called? And perhaps more importantly, what the heck had it actually been about?!

I've just spent the past hour or so Googling strings of words like '"Disney channel" boy money limousine driver bicycle', and reading umpteen Disney synopses on Wikipedia, including Now You See It... which I remembered getting similarly sucked-into the second half of. They do your head in after a while!

Finally I found myself going through an entire list of Disney theatrical movies, in reverse alphabetical order, until, tired and just about to give-up, I finally hit the B's and recognised the words... Blank Check!

Finally it all made sense. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I could now read all the online autopsies at the IMDB and Wikipedia. I re-read the entire plot, identified the actor I'd recognised as Rick Ducommun (when did he start getting older roles?) and I even rediscovered some of the film's quotes again.

But it's nothing like I remember. Was it really this verbose and knowing? Did it actually contain lines like:

"Hey, Applesauce, what's with the long fance my man? I just bought your pad, you got some cash. Sucasa is about to become micasa. A groovin' thing, Man"?

I think the above line was ironic. But maybe I should watch the film again. Just to refresh my memory.

But nah. I've already seen it once. Even if the whole thing has been uploaded in ten-minute sections on YouTube...

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