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Whenever I'm packing to go away, I usually put this CD on. In fact, I've travelled all over the world with this. Just look at what one airline did to the casing:

Still, if The Simpsons is your thing, (and I tend to consider it part of breakfast) then this disc just can't fail to please.

When Herschel first gave it to me, (I think he'd been given it as a comp) each track seemed to fall into one of three distinct categories:

1. Songs I knew off the TV,
2. Songs I didn't know off the TV, and
3. Songs I didn't know off the TV, but had been told about.

Now off course they're all old friends.

I remember listening to Tony Bennett's Capitol City with Harrison as we drove into Brighton to do some filming in 2002.

I remember leaving the "Eye On Springfield" Theme on Monty's answerphone.

I remember reciting The Monorail Song with Dave on the way home from a Cession meeting in Auckland.

And, of course, the suite from Troy McClure's Stop The Planet Of The Apes – I Want To Get Off, which I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying.

It's happiness in a doughnut-shaped piece of metal.

Ahh, doughnuts – is there anything they can't do?

Mmmmm... CDsssss...

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