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Herschel brought this over tonight. He said that as he’d got it for free, he figured that it was only fair he should let me read it for... ten bucks?

Despite suspecting a con, I gave him the money anyway, and he headed excitedly away into the night, blissfully forgetting that the legal currency in England is the pound.

I know it was originally a FREE comic book and all, but this was a terrible advert for Simpsons comics. The stories are labourious at best, occasionally spiked with a gag that isn’t quite funny, but does sound in character.

Right in the middle though is one page of solid gold. Every word is genius from start to finish. I loved it. I re-read that page again and again.

It was the advert on page 16 featuring Bender from Futurama.

It was worth the cover-price for that alone.


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