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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

A while back I said I thought that The Book Of Judges had a few good film-plots in it.

If that’s true, then The Book Of Daniel has a whole TV series.

Our heroes face an evil tyrant, get thrown into a furnace, and even get encaged with a lion!

I’m humming the Quantum Leap music even as I type this...

In my earlier reviews, I’ve made much of God’s tendency to change the outcome of events depending upon the key players’ moral choices, and initially Daniel is consistent with this.

Yet towards the end, the prophesies become so extreme and specific, that they just cannot be predetermined by the choices of men now. Chapter eleven goes into so much detail about the rise, fall and responses to each other of various powers in the future, that those events cannot be the consequence of people's choices in the present. There are too many more choices to be made before those things potentially come to pass. I won’t quote that one here – there’s far too much of it.

So – the 60,000 sheckel question – can anyone tell me if the events predicted in the last two chapters of Daniel actually came to pass?


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