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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

I realised today that God’s plans fail. This is normal.

Garden of Eden – failed.

Attempt to discipline Adam and Eve – failed.

Trying again with their descendants – failed.

Starting everything off again with Noah and his family – failed.

And so it goes on…

Saving the Israelites from Egypt – failed within one generation.

Moses – failed to keep him from sinning too, despite regular visits.

Saul – failed.

David – failed.

Jehoram… well you get the idea.

Eventually we get to Jesus, and God’s (presumably last) attempt to save mankind from sin, and… still he fails to win back a colossal great chunk of mankind. Some would say most. Even if you believe that everyone is saved, the plain fact remains that many people have not chosen to turn back to him.

And in every one of the above instances it’s mankind that screws up and makes God’s plan to heal fail.

If God wanted to make a blade of grass, I don’t think that would go wrong.

But if it’s something that involves us – well.


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