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Tonight's Prime News featured a report on today's announcement by the government that from next year digital TV will be coming in, and people will have to buy set-top boxes, until the old analogue transmitters are turned off in 6 years' time. Cue lots of stock footage of TV workers in front of walls of TV screens, you know the sort of thing.

Having been through all this propaganda a few years ago in the UK, it was like watching a repeat news item. They even strung us the same line about it being the biggest advance since colour. (Enjoy your repeatedly freezing picture everyone :))

Then flatmate Dave walked in and I told him about it, to which he, being an employee of major TV network, rewound the My Sky box (NZ's Tivo equivalent) and watched the whole item again, which really was a repeat news item.

Then he suddenly squawks, rewinds again, and pauses it on one of the TV workers in front of the wall of TV screens.

"It'" he gasps.

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