Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Work no-one pays.
A radio-show no-one listens to.
A blog no-one reads.
A ministry no-one benefited from.
A guy no girl sees any potential in.
Never worth just one free meal.
Purity always rejected in favour of "bad boys."
A lifetime of backed-up love that no-one would ever receive.
(keeping respectful distance never ever recognised)
Deep, universal conviction that he must never ever be allowed to be kind.
A poet never allowed to write.
A voice that mustn't cherish.
Arms too afraid to hug.
Hands too slapped to hold.
Eyes that mustn't make eye-contact.
God forbid that they smile slightly.
Words too petrified to even whisper now.
Truth punished as though lies.
Energy no-one felt.
Tears no-one dries, so they run out of water and stop.
Imagination that can no longer even dream.
Truth and honesty still live silently within.
Time… so much time.
I envy you all.


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