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Looks like some kind of comedy-variety show.This may shock you, but once in a while a movie comes along that I actually ENJOY.

Zarniwoop has a third arm, just like Zaphod
Not merely because it features an actor I like (in this case Jonathan Pryce – always a pleasure) (except for in The Curse Of The Fatal Death) but because the director has clearly put a lot of thought and effort into what he’s doing. This is just such a film. The complex design inferred that there was a really big brain behind this whole nineteenth-century world. My initial scorn at the generic love-story plotline was swallowed along with my pride when things developed in another direction entirely. And then at the end I learnt who this director was:

Terry Gilliam.

That’s Terry “One Of My Favourite Directors” Gilliam.

It was so good to know that I hadn’t imagined him.



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