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Today, Hope City Radio broadcast That Friday Feeling’s very first anniversary show!

Yep, it was a whole year ago tomorrow that I caught the bus into New Windsor to present the first edition of my weekly Christian music show.
Of course, back then the show was called Goble On Friday, but as I developed a feel for the show, it became first The Friday Festival, then The Friday Feeling and ultimately the title it now has. There were even a few editions when I consciously didn’t mention the programme’s title, as I was still undecided about it.

I also covered for Patrick’s own show The Saturday Bonanza one week, and stayed very late on new year’s eve to welcome in 2005 on The Midnight Countdown.

There wasn’t much silliness in those early shows – it was pretty well just me intro-ing and outro-ing Patrick’s collection of Christian music CDs, however the biggest development was about a month ago when I began pre-recording the shows in Cool Edit Pro. This was originally to save transportation time from Howick, but I’m a lot happier with having the chance to smooth out the show’s rougher edges. As well as enabling me to use more Christian music from outside Hope City’s library, (flatmate Dave has a lot by Hillsong), it’s also given me the chance to get a bit more back into recording comedy sketches again.

And having fun is really what my love of radio is all about.

* You can download a clip of tonight's show by clicking here.

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