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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Today, in the pursuit of moviemaking, I was at a local pub wearing a nappy on my head and rapping “Could I be happy, wearing a nappy, in an Iraqi café, with Colonel Gaddafi?” while Alistair filmed, and Herschel pretended that his hand was indeed Colonel Gaddafi.

Okay, you don't believe me. Look:
After that we were joined in a nearby field by Steve H, whereupon, in stark opposition to 100+ years of live-action film-making, we proceeded to mime our dialogue to a pre-recorded audio track. Steve H filmed, while Alistair played Richard, Herschel played Goodwin, and I played myself 13 years ago.
After this we found a bus-stop, where Steve H kindly died of boredom for our viewing pleasure. At least, I think he was acting.

Anyway, after that, things turned unexpectedly surreal.

Whilst walking home through the drizzling rain, I spotted a familiar face – it was Kev, who I’d last seen six months earlier in Australia!

“I would like to stop and chat Steve,” he explained, “but as you know we are in a raining situation.”

Ironic - it had been raining the last time we'd seen each other too...


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