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Got most of my photos back today.

There’s 10 rolls of them. I hadn’t wanted to risk damaging them as I travelled about NZ, so I’d numbered all the rolls and brought them back here to the UK for developing. It took a couple of hours to go through them this afternoon.

Now, sadly, I can’t bore you with all 300+ of them here ("…and this is me on a Tuesday"), but here, for the sake of melting your intelligence chip, are just a few of the edited highlights:

Fig. 1: This is me at home on July 20th, just before leaving, with a goodbye cake my mum made, shaped like the Starship Enterprise. It came with a card on which she’d written "Best wishes to Stephen’s Enterprise."

Fig. 2: Nuclear testing in Auckland.

Fig. 3: Auckland at night.

Fig. 4: Now you know why they call it "Sky City."

Fig. 5: I really wanted a photo of a kiwi dial telephone, ever since reading about them in Douglas Adams’ book about endangered species Last Chance To See. This is in one of the lifts at Auckland Central Backpackers.

Fig 6: Gearoid, after a M*A*S*H party at about 2am, again at the backpackers. Living there was like living in a cheerful prison.

Fig 7: My new local shopping centre.

Fig. 8: Back home again after a year, with another cake from my mum.

That's Doctor Who on that telly, that is!


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