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It was my birthday a little early this year. Something to do with the international date-line geting confused and time running backwards as a result. It's confusing enough that everyone I've met here guesses my age as "mid-twenties". Maybe "mid-twenties" just looks older in this country, due to the ravages of more sunshine.

Is your blood red like ours?
Anyway, maybe one of the effects of this rip in the fabric of time was how come this morning found me watching the first segment of a recently-discovered episode of Star Trek on the internet. If you can stomach waiting for the thing to download, then here it is:

More info on where this episode was found at (Can't give this a rating yet - still haven't seen the whole thing.)

Afterwards I went across Queen Street to Aotea Square, where there's almost always some sort of convention taking place. This weekend it's the turn of The Auckland Buskers Convention.

Byron Bertram in Aotea Square, Auckland
This guy - Byron Bertram - had a fairly straightforward fire-juggling/escapology act, but my own over-familiarity with the trick and format enabled me to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

He clearly had a long history of ad-libbing to draw on. My favourite line of his, which I actually don't think he should have used, would have to be, whilst chained-up to his teeth in a straitjacket, jumping awkwardly up to a child in the audience and confessing "I am your real father."

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