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This morning, I strolled down to Drummoyne Presbyterian Church, where a guy called Darryl was speaking about Psalm 42. Inwardly I murmered "Pleeeeease go on to cover Psalm 43 as well, show it in context." Then, sure enough, he did! After the service we got chatting. It never fails to impress me that one can walk into a church, form a healthy friendship for 15 minutes, pray for each other and then go our separate ways, never to catch-up again until Heaven.

Afterwards, since their washing-machine began smoking yesterday, (I thought it was a bit young, meself) Dave and Fionnuala headed around to her sister's house to do my laundry for me, whilst I visited Koala Park.

Just as when I had visited NZ last year intending to see a kiwi, today was my final chance on this trip to see a real koala bear! Just like the one featured on my very first Safari Card! And if they didn't have them in Koala Park, then I sure wanted to know just who they did have parked in there. In fact, I found quite a menagerie.

Generic koala.





Ronnie Corbett. (I'm not making this up you know)

After that it was time to pick up my laundry, and drive around a bit until it was time to jump on the plane back to Auckland.

I had a really, really nice week with Dave and Fionnuala. They were great fun to spend time with, it's a shame we never got around to looking at the Bible like the old days.

As I said at the start, the nicest thing was the week's normality. I remember a few years ago bemoaning to someone that I couldn't justify taking a holiday unless I'd earnt it. My trip to Crete in 2003 was the first one I'd had in 4 stressful years, so I had definitely earnt that one. NZ in Feb/March 2004 (and indeed in July) was a case of following God, so they were service. But Australia 2005 was definitely a holiday that I needed, and had worked for.

What a shame I got back to my room in Auckland to find my bag had been stolen.

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