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Harry the Pike: "Look at them - uncontrollable alien-infested cybermenaces!"

A rogue group of former police officers - who have all been laid off due to automation - want their jobs back. To prove that they, as humans, are better than their robot replacements, they reprogramme the automatons to do their bidding instead. Uh, that kind of defeats your argument guys…

In other news, the chief terrorist (don't tell 'im yer name Sergeant Pike) is Darius' now estranged father. Eurghhh.

In other other news, the Department intervene in their ever-entertaining invisible camo bus, which we still have yet to see the outside of. I personally like to think that it's painted in bright psychedelic colours, pipes music by Pinky & Perky out of a megaphone, and is driven by Mr Blobby giving away free ice creams to the kids, but that's just me. Hey, prove me wrong. Ding-ding!

Come to think of it, how do they drive a wide vehicle like that - which straddled two lanes in The Korven - down the narrow backstreets where Gryffen lives? For that matter, how did they used to send police cars out from there in a hurry? Well, maybe they'll explain later.

Interesting lines:

Jorjie: "I can't believe Mum was behind the police force becoming robots."

Harry the Pike: "You approved the worst decision ever taken by the government!"

K9: "The unstable virus has mutated randomly to its own advantage."

This one even contains whip pans.

Not too bad. Another episode to be made wholly using the series' regular sets. They're rather good at that.

K9: "Mission accomplished! We now return you to your regular programming."

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