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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Starkey: "The only kind of liberation these creeps are interested in, is liberating everyone else of their free will."

More zombies. Oh well.

It's getting harder to find an angle to review these. Is there anything about this episode that stands out? I suppose it's the trivia:

1. Despite the opening shot of the spaceship approaching our planet, Earth gets invaded by aliens almost entirely at Gryffen's house.

2. Drake is so surprised when the spaceship camoflages itself, although he is himself on a similarly invisible bus. Ding-ding! Somehow, June appears to walk onto this set while it is speeding down the road.

3. K9 learns that - before his amnesia - he had an adventure on an alien planet. An ancient book is presented, and it contains images of a few unnamed Monsters from Doctor Who

Is that the TARDIS on the right in that last one? Sure, why not. I just read this week that the acronym TARDIS is not copyrighted to the BBC, but to Anthony Coburn's estate, so if that's true, maybe they could…

4. In the future, Darius uses the words 'Mutley' and 'Lassie' as synonyms for 'dog'. Well that's positive for the future of TV entertainment. (unlike the rest of this series)

5. 'The Department' is now definitely responsible for defending Earth.

Gryffen: "[I'd] hardly call them enemies. Some of their methods not withstanding, they are here to safeguard the planet."

Y'know, in Doctor Who-land, London seems like the best place for such an organisation.

6. K9 looking like a superhero:

7. Hope no-one ever finds that enormous invisible ship Darius has left parked somewhere, and especially not by flying into it…

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