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I suppose Milton Jones is best known for his stand-up comedy and radio shows, so it's a welcome surprise to observe his surreal humour making the transition to what is predominatly a silent movie.

The set-up - it's a house containing lodgers - is as plain as they come, but that's the point. Against this dull-as-wallpaper backdrop, Milton's insane trips of the imagination stand out like a vivid bunch of flowers in a graveyard. And best of all, his show is clean. (well done Channel 4 for scheduling this at 10:30pm - was that supposed to be yet another ironic punchline?)

Aside from the timeslot, the only real drawback here is the muddy picture quality throughout. Given what a throwback to the days of Rising Damp the whole thing is (see typeface above), it's a shame this wasn't also shot on analogue equipment from back then too - we might have been able to see it clearly.

Here's hoping that there are many more rooms - and flatmates - to come in Milton's house, and world.


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