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The thing that I like about this junior magazine is that whoever put it together clearly enjoys the show too.

Though obviously focusing on the current remake, there’s care taken to acknowledge the show’s enormous back-story as well. I suppose for a long-term fan such as myself, I was won-over as soon as I read the knowing speech balloon on the cover “Fantastic First Issue”. (those are the same words that graced the first issue of Doctor Who Weekly back in 1979)

Loaded with free gifts, and a tenth Doctor strip that doesn’t offend (though it's sure no Mills/Wagner/Gibbons entry), my only real criticism is the choice of ‘past adventure’ to highlight.

Out of over 150 possible TV stories, they actually selected The Christmas Invasion - the most recent one! Sure, being the first issue they probably wanted to push the current Doctor a bit, and at the time there was only the one episode of his to 'choose' from, but all the same, in April 2006 it had only been three months ago.

In a mag about time-travel, this article was gagging to get billed more creatively.

With thanks to Herschel.

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