Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Story: Bill Mantlo
Art: Vince Giarrano & Pat Redding

Rocket Racer seems to have a rocket-powered skateboard, with magnetic clamps and internal gyroscopes that enable him to power up vertical surfaces, such as the wall of a building for instance.

He's also a youth trying to look after his mother and siblings who are getting taken advantage of by an unscrupulous bail bondsman, who keeps upping the Racer's interest-rates and coercing him to return to crime to pay-up.

Spidey's trademark morality and heart don't stand a chance.

Spider-Man: "This whole thing stinks! The bail system is supposed to work solely to insure the appearance of defendants at trial... not to force them to commit felonies to enrich bail bondsmen! Seems to me that this particular bail bondsman you got hooked up with – saw posting bail for a super-baddie as a tailor-made chance to engage in a little extralegal blackmail!"

This particular legal-eagle has a bounty-hunter empowered to lawfully bring in the Racer dead. Well, obviously he doesn't succeed.

The final panels, in which the Racer voluntarily walks to his legal punishment because he really believes that it's the right thing to do is a terrific ending, and hopefully not the last we've seen of him.


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