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Garfield 2 - A Tale Of Three Sequels
Garfield 2 almost has the complete album of family-movie concepts.

Early on it goes for the old vacation-in-England plot. Along with talking-cartoon-animal-lost-in-the-big-city storyline. And impending wedding for a main character. And a famous British guest-star as the villain. Who incredulously suffers a sequence of hilarious indignities at the hands of a chorus of talking farmyard animals. Because he's so set on bulldozing their farm to make a fortune. Oh, and did I mention that Garfield even has to switch places with his rich doppelgänger too?

Maybe they should have just gone the whole hog, and also had a judge order Garfield to help a friendly alien to return home, at Christmas?

Garfield: The Prince And The Pawper (or whatever it's titled in your country) is a terrific laugh start-to-finish. The plot bullets along, free in the knowledge that this is all familiar territory, and wholly unashamed of it. I wouldn't call it a finely-honed comedy, but perhaps because it mixes live-action with animation, there is a heck of a lot of planning and rewriting gone into this.

I have no idea why it seems to have suffered so many bad reviews. Apparently it was a big hit outside America, and was made with precisely that audience in mind.


The poster I think they could have used! ;)

(review of Garfield 1 here)

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