Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Plot: Stefan Petrucha
Script: Len Kaminsky
Pencils: Tom Morgan

Never was there a more inaccurate Spidey cover than this one – the story's not called "The Best Laid Plans...", and his black costume - on the cover twice - never gets so much as a mention! In fact, being "an untold tale of Spidey's past", the Marvel Chronology Project actually place these events during Amazing Spider-Man #251 – before he even got his new duds. :)

I can see their reasoning though. The absence of any reference to his alien clothes strongly suggests that this all takes place before the Secret Wars, but with the presence of Joe Robertson as Editor-In Chief of the Daily Bugle, this story has to be squeezed into a very narrow window indeed. (within the words "HOURS LATER" on page 17!)

Stirring the pot, below we can see that Robbie also appears to have poached Clark Kent from the Daily Planet ...

Mild-mannered temp reporter?
Anyhow, this filler tale offers few surprises, although the concept of how Spidey would cope with a migraine is one of those real-life problems that Marvel Comics, and Peter Parker especially, are famous for.

Surprised he didn't attribute his headaches to the 'monster-tingles' he was getting from the Beyonder at that point in time though...



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