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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

This is Doctor Who in all but name.

Ah, no, wait...

On an alien planet – yes, that's a real live alien planet sir – the Doctor and Donna encounter a subjugated alien race and set about freeing them.

In their last tale the Ood were just another crowd of zombies, but here they're treated as anything but. Although they have a shared consciousness, they're clearly individuals too, and the depth the story imbues such hideous-looking aliens with is lovely.

The Doctor forgets he has a sonic screwdriver, and the TARDIS' randomiser isn't really that random, (nothing new there then) but the story is fine, and it's actually disappointing that its message about modern-day slavery isn't driven-home a bit more, but I guess that would have spoilt it.

Where have all the bees gone? The B-scripts I mean.

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