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*** contains spoilers ***
Whilst not technically a 'film', Prince's earliest surviving work is Man Walking Around A Corner, which tells the tale of the main protagonist's odyssey through one isolated moment of his adulthood... from sixteen different points-of-view.

The bulk of this coming-of-age road movie concentrates on the 'Man' of the title's apparent determination to change direction in life and turn right, but after so much hope, the conclusion is smart enough to leave things open-ended. We never conclusively find out what's waiting "around the corner" in this definitive hero's journey, but then again, neither does he. Maybe, just maybe, after the film's apparently predictable ending, he actually turned back again?

As with all of Prince's 'films', this one speaks to the human condition with a simplicity that today's film-makers would do well to learn from.

Special Edition:

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