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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

One day at school in the 1980s, the weather was quite wet. It got inside my right shoe, and stayed there. I developed a bit of a corn on my right heel. Then last year my doctor in the UK told me that it was in fact a varuca.

Oh - there's no business, like shoe business...
So here I am, 20 years after that rainy day, on the other side of the world, going at it with liquid nitrogen. It’s never really been a problem, but it seems like the thing to do. That was last month.

Then this month, Melissa at church wanted to photograph several people’s feet for an easter art exhibit she was putting together. She wanted lots of photos of very dirty feet, and one of a pair of very clean ones, to represent being washed clean of sin. Unlikely as it may sound, mine became both.

Nightmare at 16 feet
In fact, for the whole of easter weekend, there has been an entire 12-piece art exhibition on at Cession, showing different aspects of the Easter story. Some of it was art, some photography, some sculpt-work, and in one section there was even a video playing.

I’m not much one for museums, but on this occasion I was thoroughly fascinated by the high-quality of work on offer. Ordinarily I would have expected to jump at the chance to contribute something myself, but unlike these inspired geniuses, I had not had one single idea in my tiny head, let alone the discipline to turn it into something real.

On Easter Sunday the service, in the same room, provided a good opportunity for the various artists to speak about their work and answer questions, although I had to chuckle when Scott asked of Melissa’s piece “Who’s the guy with the weird bendy feet?”

Aside from visiting the above, my own easter this year was fairly low-key, although my flatmates and I all keenly got each other eggs.

Which came first - the rabbit or the egg?
Easter – it’s all about heeling the sole.

(yes I know it's corny)


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