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Tonight, the stress of working morning, noon and night whilst also squeezing in a fitness regime was really getting to me, so I numbed-out on the sofa and watched Zorro with Flatmates Dave, Cathy and Nicola.

If anyone gets something interesting to do here, if would be Antonio Banderas, as he makes the transition from bumbling drunk to suave superhero. Somewhere between the two, he gets to be a bumbling fool who can only defeat villains by accident, and throughout these scenes the film shows ingenious promise.

But then there’s Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena, who is given so little motivation to work with, and surely rates as the definitive token girl.

I’m writing this 2 days later, and I can’t really remember how it finished, but they were nice people in a dry sort of world.

Available here.

Review of sequel - The Legend Of Zorro - here.


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