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Nearly two years ago someone gave me the fascinating book Brave, Mad And Memorable by Rob Harley.

Five months later, I found myself at the Family Television Network in Warkworth, where they showed me the edition of Extreme Close-Up that the same author – Rob Harley - had presented about Trevor Yaxley.

A few months after that, Phil of the Christian Broadcasting Association gave me a CD, which was presented by – you guessed it – Mr Harley again.

Without elongating this story too much, I ran into this man’s work again and again, ultimately editing tapes of his sermons for broadcast on national radio, and adapting another of his books - The Power To Go The Distance - for the same purpose.

I always assumed that one day I would meet the man himself, so when I came across a seminar that he was giving at Parachute this year, I took full advantage of the chance to shake his hand and say hello afterwards.

Next, after part-attending two of Wayne Alcorn’s seminars (and a bit of Phil Baker’s), I left the mainstage again to return to the Deluxe, where I was invited up to the stage to be interviewed about my Mozelee t-shirt. Indeed, Mozelee were playing their final gig here this weekend, and I was in the Deluxe to see their lead singer (and my mate from cell group) Marc Hamilton backing another mate from Edge Church – rapper Andy D.

(it was a whole Calling Elijah pre-union)

After that, outside, another guy saw my Mozelee t-shirt and proceeded to offer me some suntan lotion, willingly applying it to my face, arms and shins in front of an amused impromptu audience. We all applauded him!

If at last year’s festival I’d run-into several friends, this year the list was endless. Leaving behind Neville, Alex and Nathan in the Debut tent, I headed up to see the stunt-motorcycle display.

After that I headed down to my old friends at the Rhema and Life FM stands to offer my help again this year, only to find they’d already packed up and gone home. (they must have seen me coming!)

Then, after running into Jack and his family (fortunately not literally), I saw clean comedian Dave Wiggins introduce Hiroshi Nakatsuji, and was disappointed that I had to leave before Jamie came on.

Alas, my mobile was warbling. It was a text message from Tommy - the cab driver I’d befriended that morning.

Hi steve…sitting up top…no rush…came out early traffic will be heavy..cheers tommy

On my way up, a girl passed me and, yes, seeing my Mozelee t-shirt, asked if I knew where the band were right now. This has proved to be a very useful t-shirt, and I remain indebted to old mate Luke Weston from Life fm for giving it to me, even if it was with the words “You are the most fashion-challenged guy I know.”

Back in Hamilton, some Matrix-esque phone-calls to old friend from FTN/Edge City Church Karen enabled us to pool our knowledge of Hamilton city, and rendezvous at the most exclusive restaurant in town, by which I mean the only one open.

Karen: “It’s been a while since I ate a healthy meal.”
Me: “What a shame we’re at Burger King.”

Afterwards I discovered that I’d lost my ANZ wallet, containing all my cards, but recovered it three days later. It was on the coach. Pleasingly, I wasn’t the remotest bit stressed. After all, I know that God is not just in control of everything, but also bearing it all alongside me.

You can hear my radio sketch about Parachute 2006 by clicking here.

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