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Hey there, and many thanks to the cheery Andrew Leyland for his kind acknowledgement in the latest edition of Back Issue magazine!

If you have indeed arrived here via said article, then I've added links to all my Marvel UK reviews just below this text, for the convenience of anyone who might be interested. (Eg. the history of Spider-Man Weekly is here, and a review of Spidey's big UK adventure is here)

I haven't updated this blog for about 18 months now, but most of the other 1,800 posts are still online, and accessible via the big friendly "Index" button top-right. They cover reviews of other books, comics, films, games, music, stage shows and TV programmes. (not to mention my own hapless attempts at living life)

Cheers for stopping by!


Captain Britain Monthly
Doctor Who Weekly #1-4: The Iron Legion
Doctor Who Monthly #64: The Fires Down Below
Doctor Who Summer Special 1983 (comic)
Doctor Who Summer Special 1984 (magazine)
Doctor Who Magazine #350
Doctor Who Magazine #351
Doctor Who Magazine #371
Fantastic Four Adventures #1
Fantastic Four Adventures #2
Frantic #1
The Knights Of Pendragon #5 (1990)
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars II Featuring: Zoids
Secret Wars Featuring: Zoids #25 - Web-Slinger Against Changeling! (UK strip written by Jim Shooter)
Secret Wars II #54
Secret Wars II #55-56
Secret Wars II #58
Secret Wars II #62
Secret Wars II #63
Secret Wars II #65-66
Secret Wars II #67
Spider-Man Weekly
Spider-Man And Hulk Weekly #417-418
Super Spider-Man TV Comic #473
Super Spider-Man #493: The Mistake
Spider-Man #607-610: A Hero's Welcome / Darkness Encroaching / On The Town! / Death Line
Spider-Man #620-622
Spider-Man #627-628
Spider-Man #631-632
Spider-Man #633
The Spider-Man Comic #634-637
Spider-Man Summer Special 1985
Spider-Man And Zoids
Spider-Man And Zoids #10-11
Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi #129-132
The Transformers (G1) #1-8: The Transformers / Power Play! / Prisoner Of War! / The Last Stand
The Transformers (G1): Man Of Iron
The Transformers (G1) #13-17: The Enemy Within
The Transformers (G1) #18-21: Raiders Of The Last Ark
Spot The Difference With Spider-Man

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At 4:47 am, Blogger John Pitt said...

Just discovered this blog, courtesy of Ed on Starlogged.
Going to look forward to going through your archives!

At 12:26 pm, Blogger Steve Goble said...

You're welcome John, and thanks for saying hi!

At 10:06 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

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