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Time Lord #1: "Welcome to Arcadia."
Time Lord #2: "Safest place on Gallifrey - [and] that's no lie!"

[And] There you've pretty well got the whole story!

Like The Night Of The Doctor, this minisode is a band-aid on the chasm of not-bothered-with story between the 1996 TV movie and 2005's distant Rose. If you're watching every Doctor Who episode in order, then you can now view the segue from original series to current as follows:

Doctor Who (1996)
The Night Of The Doctor (2013)
The Last Day (2013)
Blue Peter (04/04/2005) (if you've the heart to count such fluff)
Rose (2005)

I mean sure it'll still make no sense, but at least you'll guage that there has been some sort of war between the Time Lords and the Daleks, with maybe an extra incarnation of the Doctor bundled in there somewhere who doesn't get mentioned again for the next 7 seasons. Hey - these brief minisodes have got to be better than not seeing any of it!

The acting here is top-notch, which is just as well in front of such rough CGI Daleks. That the latter side will after this episode go on to win the battle of Arcadia is perhaps a metaphor for the series' own promotion of spectacle over drama these days.

All the same, despite this scene standing as little chance of filling the gap as the soldier who has to stop the entire invasion of Daleks on his own, I am glad that this little entry exists.

More patches still needed though. Really, the Time War has always needed to be a whole series.

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