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The larger number of comic reviews in recent posts have been due to the fact that I have just been away for a fortnight's holiday, on the south coast with my mum.

After our adventures with an electric scooter called Horace at Milestones Museum last month, my mum hired another one for this trip. Well, two actually. Bertie developed a fault, and so was replaced by Clover. (friendly inanimate objects tend to get given names in my family)

Anyhow, we've enjoyed putting, a day out at Brighton, games of Scrabble and knockout whist, the local church and wandering around the seaside shops. Particular fun has been had negotiating all the ramps. (and bins, and parked cars, and cats...)

When left to my own devices I seem to have watched movies and read comics. Much as I tend to do each Sunday at home. I also got to meet up for an evening with my old friend Bish, who I'd last caught up with at The Flaires' gig.

Midway through the trip, I also surprised myself by unexpectedly hitting a wall of burn-out.

Let me explain: whenever I come back to the UK from New Zealand for a holiday, after a week or so my body seems to recognise that it can finally have a rest, and I get really tired.

What surprised me this time is that I didn't think that I had been that active for the preceding 18 months.

I'd like to think that maybe I've been being a bit too self-critical of how I've been spending my time lately.


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